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What Clients Are Saying
I enthusiastically recommend Barbara Rybicki to anyone wishing to sell their property. Aside from her years of experience and deep knowledge of the local market, what impressed me about Barbara from the start and the reason I hired her, is her boundless energy and a down to earth way of dealing with people. She is bright, personable and at the same time is a savvy and intelligent business person. She has a keen eye for details, and will stage your house into show room perfection. She made dozens of suggestions and strategic improvements that needed to be made that put my property into the most competitive position and lead to a timely sale. Also, I must mention that one of Barbara's biggest strengths is communication. As an owner anxious to sell your house, feedback from prospective buyers and continuous progress assessments is one of the most important aspects of the whole process. But from my past experience, so many agents don't do this one simple thing. They seem to forget or just don't bother. Barbara, kept me updated at every stage and I appreciated her honest and informed advice. In short, Barbara is the best real-estate agent I've ever worked with, and if you hire her, you'll come to the same conclusion.


Alex - North Grafton Estates Seller

Barbara was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she help us find our perfect new home, she also quickly sold our old one. She always listened to our needs and went the distance to get us what we were looking for, including during negotiations. Barbara was always available to answer questions and her easy-to-talk-to personality and professionalism really stood out. Despite the daunting process of buying and selling a home, having Barbara on our side made all the difference in the world! I highly recommend Barbara.

James - North Grafton Condo Buyer