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We lived 43 years in our home and had never owned another. Several friends recommended particular realtors, but we decided to do our own research, seeking the individual who had a high rate of success (i.e., sold many homes within the recent past) and the kind of reviews that "clicked" with the approach we respected. "High energy" is an appropriate description of many realtors, but there is something honest, down-to-earth, and realistic about Barbara's energy, dedication, and professionalism that makes her particularly credible and trustworthy. She demonstrates a deep knowledge of the field and the continual education demanded in order to keep abreast of changes in legal and marketing requirements. Her advice in every respect turned out to be "on the mark." To sum up what every reader of reviews seeks to know: our house sold quickly at an excellent price ----- thanks to Barbara.

Carol - Grafton Home Seller

Barbara was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she help us find our perfect new home, she also quickly sold our old one. She always listened to our needs and went the distance to get us what we were looking for, including during negotiations. Barbara was always available to answer questions and her easy-to-talk-to personality and professionalism really stood out. Despite the daunting process of buying and selling a home, having Barbara on our side made all the difference in the world! I highly recommend Barbara.

James - North Grafton Condo Buyer